Bijoux L'Inedit Designs

Bijoux L’Inedit Designs is simply the result of the imagination and flair of Johanne, the owner of the boutique. She has evolved in the fashion and jewelry business for over twenty years. At the beginning, she began to repair jewelry. It was just an additional service that she offered to her customers, whether the jewelry was bought at her shop or not. Then some clients asked her to create a jewel using either a bracelet or necklace they had. Imagination helping, sketches began to form and a new passion was born, producing unique and different models, beautiful objects. All his jewels are created in her workshop in the heart of the old village of Saint-Lambert.

When you make Johanne work, you buy more than just a service. You buy hours of failures and experiments. You buy her frustrations but also her pure moments of joy. You do not buy something, you buy a piece of his soul, a part of his life. More importantly, you buy her more time to live her passion.