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Anne-Marie Chagnon Earrings Nelly Pewter


Lenght: 2 inch. / 5 cm
Limited quantities!


Anne-Marie Chagnon Earrings Nelly Pewter

Anne-Marie Chagnon Earrings Nelly Pewter. Hand made in Quebec. Made of pewter. Anne-Marie Chagnon 2019 spring-summer collection. A drop of water falls into a lake, creating a flutter of circles along the calm surface. In this pair of earrings, two pewter elements of different forms combine to explore the beauty, dynamic, and fluidity of this natural metal.

About Anne-Marie Chagnon

Multidisciplinary artist and trained at the Fine Arts Faculty of UQAM, Anne-Marie Chagnon invents and shapes pewter s for more than twenty years to create exclusive and timeless jewelry. To learn a little more about her, please click here.