Anne-Marie Chagnon necklace Grant - Bijoux L'Inedit

Anne-Marie Chagnon Necklace Grant Lillipop


Pewter and glass
Lenght: 15.7 – 17.5 cm / 40 – 44.5 cm
Limited quantities!


Anne-Marie Chagnon Necklace Grant Lillipop

Anne-Marie Chagnon Necklace Grant Lillipop. Hand made in Quebec. Pewter and glass. Anne-Marie Chagnon 2019  spring-summer collection. A slender misty glass bar rests between a bronze-plated and pewter hand-hammered bars of different sizes. Balanced between two curved beads, the centerpiece’s tension tugs at our heart strings.

About Anne-Marie Chagnon

Multidisciplinary artist and trained at the Fine Arts Faculty of UQAM, Anne-Marie Chagnon invents and shapes pewter s for more than twenty years to create exclusive and timeless jewelry. To learn a little more about her, please click here.