Gas Bijoux Earrings Pampilles


24 karat gold plated brass
Swarovski crystal
Lenght : 3.75 inch. / 9.52 cm
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Gas Bijoux Earrings Pampilles

Gas Bijoux Earrings Pampilles. Earrings (costume) made by hand. Made of 24 karat gold plated brassand swarovski crystal. Hand made in France. The bracelets, earrings, necklaces and rings of the collection are made of a multitude of different materials such as chains, charms, gems, crystal, pearls, sequins and rhinestones. The materials come from every part of the world. Therefote, it is reflecting the unique intricacy and complexity of manufacturing a Gas Bijoux piece. To find out more about the entreprise, please follo the link here.