Uno de 50 Earrings Glitter by Glitter


Sterling silver plated brass
Swarovski crystal
Lenght: .75 inch / 1.91 cm
Limited quantities!

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Uno de 50 Earrings Glitter by Glitter

Uno de 50 Earrings Glitter by Glitter. Earrings made of sterling silver plated metal and multi-colored crystals. Euphoria collection. Fashion jewelry, hand made. Uno de 50 is imported from Madrid, Spain. The  jewelry collection has its own style that expresses strength and energy.

Earrings, necklaces and bracelets are crafted with natural materials such as leather, pearls, cotton and sterling silver plated alloy. And their lightness and originality will make you true followers! To find out more about Uno de 50, please click here.