Yoolie Necklace Eucalyptus - Bijoux L'Inedit

Yoolie Necklace Eucalyptus

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Sterling silver plated brass
Lenght: 16 – 18 inch. / 40.6 – 45.7 cm
Limited quantities!

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Yoolie Necklace Eucalyptus

Yoolie Necklace Eucalyptus. Necklace (costume) made of sterling silver plated brass. Handcrafted and hand painted. The Yoolie collection is inspired by the rich history of fashion. Much influenced by colors and cultures from around the world, necklaces, bracelets and earrings have a unique and distinctive style. In fact, these are incredibly complex mosaics of textures and colors. Austrian crystals are added to form an object of captivating beauty.

The jewelry is light and comfortable to wear. The collection is elegant and expresses the different artistic movements of the past and the present

About the Yoolie collection…

The Yoolie collection is the creation of the artist Yael Perry-Peleg from Israel. She graduated from Shenkar, the first Israeli university of fashion design. She spent 19 years as the main designer and partner of Papaya, a leading shoe design house in Israel.

In 2012, she moved away from a successful career to fulfill her long-standing dream. So she made a leap of faith by joining her brother and sister-in-law to pursue her passion for jewelry. She therefore unleashes her imagination and creates a collection of unique handmade jewelry. The same year, the first Yoolie collection was born.

The Yoolie collection carries a refreshing, unique and highly creative signature. Whether you wear a jeans with  a t-shirt or put on a gorgeous dress, the jewelry will be the perfect addition to any outfit. To learn more about the company, please follow the link here.

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