Uno de 50

Uno de 50 is a unique collection of jewellery and accessories. It has its own style and identity that break away from the influence of timely trends. The craftsmanship is very crucial to the brand of jewellery Uno de 50. Everything is handmade, from the jewelry designing, manufacturing and jewelry finish. The fusion of tradition and modernity is the breeding ground for this beautiful brand.

The earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings of Uno de 50 all show panache by their design and can be recognized at first glance. Bulky, sterling silver or gold plated and with a rustic finish, each piece is unique and often complemented with leather, crystal and mother of pearl. The jewelry Uno de 50 is true art and will never go unnoticed.

Founded in Barcelona Spain, Uno de 50 is now known internationally and still maintain the same initial flair and innovation in their philosophy. To find out more about Uno de 50, please follew the link here.