About us

Bijoux L’Inédit inc. has been specializing for over sixteen years now in the retail sale of fashion and sterling silver jewellery and accessories. We have two stores in the vicinity of the greater Montreal. They are neighbourhood boutiques well integrated in the local community with personalized service. We also have a web site which promotes particular collections from Quebec and other parts of the world.

We source our merchandise directly from Europe, the United States and Canada. We are continuously in line with the latest fashion trends and are thus able to provide you with the most hip items on the market. As we buy in small quantities every month, this allows us to constantly offer you novelties.

Also, we are continuously in search of products that meet two basic criteria: quality and affordability for our customers.

Bijoux L’Inédit is convinced that you will appreciate the variety and originality of its products, regardless of your budget.

You may not know but, by default, the regular post service is used for delivery at no cost to you. And if your order exceeds $100.00, you will benefit free of charge of the three day expedited service, Express Post. Take advantage of it!
(for Canada only)